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Replacement of condensate batteries in chillers

Renovation of chillers and condensing units – huge savings in operating expenses and a particularly affordable price

Integral or split condensing units are a necessary commodity at most industrial / institutional / commercial sites, and the power consumption of refrigeration units is a significant component of day-to-day operating expenses.

Periodic monitoring of the performance of existing equipment can lead to the right decisions and very large savings. , For more information you can download the following presentation {Link to PDF or PPT document to download}

March Heating Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for improving the efficiency of refrigeration units, from the diagnosis of the condition through the supply of heat exchangers to full assembly.

Evaporator or condenser heat exchangers from the best manufacturers in the world for all types of chillers

Our company has a wide database of accurate models of condensate batteries and evaporators for most companies on the market: Trane, Carrier, Climavaneta, Daikin (McQuay), York, Clivet and more…

The batteries and heat exchangers are manufactured in Israel or in Europe by the best companies and with high quality and reliability.

We also cater to chillers who need changes in the piping structure and adaptation to a new situation, our experience in producing new chillers is used by us for the purpose of implementing changes in an existing system while maintaining optimal and proper work.

Condensing Battery Replacement – Is It Relevant For Me?

The heat exchangers (condenser or evaporator) in the chillers constitute the most significant weight in the power consumption and energy output, usually through the process of replacing the batteries there is an improvement of 25% -50% in the performance of the device. In sites with relatively high energy consumption the numbers add up to significant savings.

March Heating Technologies Ltd. offers its customers a free basic inspection of a site with heating / cooling and air conditioning equipment, including recommendations for improvements and annual savings expectations.

There are a number of simple parameters by which the test can be determined:

  • Equipment age – usually in equipment over 8 years
  • Exterior – Crushed or clogged batteries and areas with corrosion
  • Decrease in output
  • Increased power consumption

We make the process of replacing the batteries simple for the customer, at the battery design stage we copy the shape of the batteries in a 3D drawing (if the battery is not in the database), then the file is sent to the battery manufacturer for production of an exact or improved copy of the original model. Access, a battery can be divided into two or more parts.

The installation is carried out by us professionally and thoroughly until the chiller is received in the same condition with new condensing batteries.