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Execution of projects and ongoing maintenance

Annual maintenance contracts for institutions and industrial clients

We offer our customers peace of mind and professional and reliable service 24/6 for heating, air conditioning and cooling systems in most parts of the country.

Our company specializes in the design, optimization and maintenance of existing or new systems to the highest standards.

You can get a total maintenance contract:

  • That includes placing an order, sign off, digitization of drawings and overall cleaning of the system.
  • Routine preventive maintenance with registration and follow-up.
  • Fracture maintenance for all types of malfunctions.
  • Proactive replacement of heat exchangers and other components
  • “Smart” engine room – connection to the engine room for remote control and monitoring.

Our high production and operation capabilities are available to the customer

In cases of breakage or proactive replacements we can provide a quick response with planning and painting sheets, bending pipe parts, importing parts directly from the manufacturer and planning and supplying various heat exchangers.

In cases of significant breakdowns faults (such as evaporator replacement) or proactive replacements (such as replacement of condensate batteries) that occur within the contract period, the customer will enjoy very favorable prices and professional service. You can see the services and products we offer here and here { Links}

Our annual maintenance service includes all the services and solutions required for the quiet and efficient operation of the site.