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Custom design

Smart solutions individually designed – tailor the product especially for you

Custom design of air conditioning and heating equipment can be expressed in branding considerations, minor technical changes or material changes for integration in an existing system. You can also design OEM models for resellers with pre-defined specifications, of course at the end of the design process we offer customers serial or one-time production of the products.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Israel, the company’s team of engineers is involved in the entire production process, from initial design through selection of parts to assembly to quality control, all – while meeting the highest of standards.

With us you will find:

  • Structure adjustment – different geometric shapes, adaptation to limited areas, change of air vents, product branding on the frame, etc.
  • Control – unique MPM, addition of functions, wide connectivity.
  • Conditions of operation – You can get products designed for extreme conditions.
  • Additional components – Additional condensers / evaporators for various functions, DESUPERHEATER and more can be added at the design stage.
  • R&D – We provide 3D planning (TIBM) including high-level production portfolios of air conditioning systems for integration with existing products.
  • OEM production – design of heating / cooling / air conditioning products on demand and preparation for serial production.

All heating and air conditioning solutions are at your fingertips, with us you will find a team of talented engineers and full cooperation until you receive a product that is suitable for your needs.