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Computerized control

Computerized control for any purpose

Operation of a machine or machine room is done using a control and monitoring unit, from simple scheduling and operation operations to complex conditioning with data storage and mathematical manipulations on analog components, all of which are performed by a computerized control unit (PLC).

The control activity is generally divided into three parts:

  • Collect data using sensors and switches and enable relay or analog outputs.
  • Information processing by the central processing unit
  • User Interface (HMI).

A good control system proves to be of great value, precise control over component activity leads to extended equipment life and immediate activity savings, beyond that, accessible and user-friendly information gives a general view of facility activity and helps find factors influencing ongoing workflow, good interface unit also Gives the human operator all the tools to operate properly simply and efficiently.

March Heating Technologies Ltd. offers its customers design and implementation of computerized controllers for all levels of activity: replacement of existing controllers, adjustment of simple control to control circulating pumps, engine room control, structure control, network of controllers according to Bachnet or Modbus or TCP / IP and more.

Internet endpoint monitoring system

Concentrating information and performing operations in automated end units is a significant technical and logistical challenge, for this purpose we developed UNIROL software – a software for controlling a site with multiple remote end units or multiple sites in a wide geographical spread.

The software can be installed on a touch screen located physically within the site or alternatively with Internet access through any browser.
The importance of the system is in tracking, registering, alerting and operating in an efficient, convenient and simple manner. Machine rooms become online and accessible thanks to UNIROL software.

Our company offers a combination of Internet support with preventive maintenance and breakage maintenance in heating and air conditioning systems.