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Meretz Technologies

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About us

  • Meretz Heating Technologies Ltd. is an engineering company registered in Israel. The company is engaged in consulting, design and construction of heating and cooling systems and industrial control.
  • The equipment is manufactured and designed in Israel by a team of engineers who are involved in the entire product preparation process, from initial design and selection of parts to assembly and testing of the product, so we ensure compliance with the highest accepted standards in the world.
  • The company’s activities are divided into a service department and an engineering and production department:
  • In the field of service – performing replacement work on condensing batteries and other heat exchangers, computerized control and fracture treatments along with preventive maintenance.
    Engineering and production – We have a number of models of heat pumps and chillers that are mass-produced. These products are characterized by exceptional quality and reliability. You can also get custom design of heating and air conditioning products with private branding or unique requirements. We place emphasis on quality and reliability in product design and solutions, and work in conjunction with various consulting engineers in the Israeli economy.
  • The company works with some of the largest marketing and service companies in the economy as well as with domestic end customers.