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Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps for home use

In recent years, March Heating Technologies Ltd. has been producing heat pump models that are also suitable for the domestic consumer. Our heat pumps are characterized by uncompromising component quality, and proven success in dozens of military and civilian installations.

The heat pumps are available in three different configurations:

  • Normal – with a constant heating output of 18-30 kilowatts.
  • Inverter – an especially economical unit with an inverter compressor and variable output
  • Integrated – Inverter water heating unit with connection to VRF evaporators, the unit eliminates the need to purchase an additional VRF and is adapted to connect to various VRF evaporators.

Heat pumps for industry and institutions

In the field of industry there is a demand for reliable and efficient equipment, the heat pumps manufactured by March Heating Technologies contain design lessons and adjustments to challenging working conditions:

  • Standard heat pumps are combined with cooling at outputs of 30-300 kilowatts
  • High temperature heat pumps (up to 80 degrees) with unique components to withstand harsh working conditions.

March Heating Technologies Ltd. manufactures quality heat pumps in Israeli design and production, our heat pumps are characterized by careful planning and components of the best quality and we have a variety of models produced in series, you can get more information by contacting us directly or viewing the catalog.

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