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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

FINN & TUBE heat exchangers

Finn & tube heat exchangers are mainly used:

  • In the refrigeration industry as condensers or evaporators,
  • Heating and air conditioning systems for space heating and cooling
  • Cooling or heating autoclaves
  • Cooling of hydraulic systems
  • Condensation and evaporation of aromatic substances

Our activity in the field

  •  Design and supply of new batteries – meticulous output calculations of the heat exchange system. Adjustment of building materials in accordance with the manner in which the heat exchanger is used and the durability of the building in relation to the materials which it’s composed of.. Smart, meticulous and accurate geometric design that takes into account the final installation considerations (location, weight, area)
  • Supply of condensing and evaporating batteries for replacement with existing chillers and chimneys according to models ( OEM ) that are fully compatible with all types of chillers sold in the Israel, including:  CARRIER, TRANE, CLIVET, CLIMAVANETA, YORK, DAKIN, LENOX

The heat exchangers we design are made in Israel or in Europe and are manufactured by companies that meet the international standards and work with some of the largest air conditioning brands in the world.

Welded plate heat exchangers – BPHE

SWEP is a Swedish company with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of heat exchangers and is considered the best company in the world to produce heat exchangers.

Welded heat exchangers are considered to be the most efficient heat exchangers thanks to the ability to achieve a very large heat transfer area relative to the overall size of its heat exchanger.

Standard heat exchangers are manufactured with PLBM 316 boards with copper welding. It can also be ordered with different types of metal and weldings depending on the materials flowing through the heat exchanger.

SWEP’s production technologies greatly affect the quality and durability of heat exchangers, not all heat exchangers are manufactured in the same way therefore SWEP is considered one of the best in the world in the field of heat exchanger production.

Welded heat exchangers provide many benefits including:

Significantly lower purchase cost compared to the common output of a heat exchanger.

You can order the heat exchangers for a variety of building materials depending due to our great flexibility.

Working at high pressure, the heat exchangers can endure a pressure load of 45bar and in special cases the working point can be raised to 150 BAR which allows work with all types of refrigerators, steam, and high pressure gases.

Convenience and flexibility in installation, apart from being light weight and of small dimensions, the products are equipped with anchoring accessories that allow the heat exchanger to be placed and anchored easily.

Also, it is possible to combine several heat exchangers units in one large unit allowing for a simple, convenient, and inexpensive installation.

Backpack and tube heat exchangers – SHELL & TUBE

The advantages of these heat exchangers are their high resistance to breakage due to stagnation as well as the flow of dirty liquids. We offer our customers the best heat exchangers made in Europe that serve as standard parts in chillers of the major brands in the world.

Evaporator heat exchangers can be found here as a replacement for all types of chillers available on the market, as well as heat exchangers for various applications, including 100% titanium heat exchangers for corrosion resistance.