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Condensers and dryers

Condensers and dryers

The cooling of the gas in cooling systems is usually done by water or air and for this purpose a condenser heat exchanger is designed which transfers the heat to the air or water, usually in air cooled units the condenser comes as an integral part with the evaporator but sometimes different considerations are required to split the condenser We supply condensers in a variety of shapes and configurations – with or without compressors, with / without command, communication connection, control of expansion valves, etc. The condensers can be adapted to a variety of needs and to a variety of internal evaporator models.

In the case of water-cooled units cooling towers are widely used, the cooling towers have a significant advantage in that the condensing temperature drops significantly and consequently there is an increase in the efficiency of the evaporator unit, along with this important advantage there are significant disadvantages. The water in the evaporation process concentrates and accumulates these substances and causes a decrease in the heat exchange efficiency and solid accumulation, in addition to the high water consumption following the evaporation.

Our company offers a variety of designs of dry refrigerators for the purpose of cooling the water in a closed circuit, the gas is cooled by water in a closed circuit without water loss and at a low temperature. The dry coolers are designed for maximum utilization of space with vertical or horizontal installation.

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