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Chillers for industry

Meretz Heating Technologies designs and manufactures in Israel models of water cooling units (chiller) of air condensation or water condensation. our products contain the best components with zero compromise. When designing the products the climatic conditions in the country and the ease of maintenance in routine treatments are taken into account.

Our chillers have been operating with great success for years and in different areas around the country, we put a lot of emphasis on quality and reliability over time.

Mini Chiller QSC / QSTC Series

This series of chillers provides a solution for output ranges of 3 to 12 tons. The chillers are designed for quick installation and are manufactured in various configurations for the customer to choose from, the design is compact with minimal footprint and low power consumption.

 Chillers from the M, EOM, COSW series

We have a number of models for fast production as well as basic models for structural changes and precise adaptation to customer needs.

As a standard, the chillers are offered in inverter models and are more efficient than usual with smart output change control. There are a number of possible configurations for the customer to choose from:

  • Cooling only standard condensers
  • Cooling only Aluminum Microchannel thickeners
  • Cooling / heating
  • Full or partial heat recovery supplement
  • Water condensation / combined water-air
  • Plate evaporator / backpack and tube evaporator

Beyond the basic requirements, you can get additional equipment:

  • Anti-corrosion coating for condensing batteries
  • Hydraulic kit with torque pump
  • Computerized control – with a Hebrew / English interface for ease of operation and a color touch screen.
  • BACNET connectivity and built-in Internet connection with a remote control feature.
  • Data registration – on a memory card defined by the customer.
  • Built-in electric power meter – the controller stores data of current consumption (amperes) and power (kilowatts).
  • Taoz Electricity Counter – Indication of Taoz hours with calculation of operating cost.
  • Extra acoustic silencing for compressors and condenser motors