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Advanced air Chiller, DX, AHU and heat pumps in inverter technology Read more conditioning equipment are designed for extreme conditions and according to the strictest standards in the world Heat exchangers Design and sale of all types of heat exchangers and the best companies in the world Read more carrying out complex energy efficiency projects in Chillers and Vitas Advanced engineering Every project or product is carefully and accurately planned by us the best Read more planning tools combined with professional knowledge and extensive experience are at your disposal at all stages of planning
With our face forward – our commitment to reliability and progress brings us to break boundaries and bring you the best technology with advanced quality products, uncompromising engineering and creative solutions. With us you will find everything that is good in the Israeli industry!

Israeli industry at its finest

Our company is engaged in the design and production of industrial air conditioning and heating products for the Israeli and international market, we maintain a particularly high level of finish while meeting strict standards, the products are designed to work in extreme locations and contain the best existing components – This is how we achieve exceptional performance and reliability which lasts for years.

Our technology

Meretz Heating Technologies Ltd. harnesses the best technology in dealing with the existing technical challenges, a wide range of solutions from different fields merge together into a complete and comprehensive solution. We combine computerized control, information handling, products and projects controlled by internet and computer-aided design of buildings and accessories.

Our Engineers are at your disposal

The best engineers are at the customer’s disposal to design an entire project (Turn Key), part of a project or a custom product. Whether you are an institutional / industrial customer or a retailer and service provider, we will be able to address your needs with a high sense of service and affordable competitiveness.

Our products
Our services

Replacement of condensing batteries and energy efficiency

Our company specializes in consulting and implementation of comprehensive and focused energy efficiency, we offer our customers design, supply and replacement of condensing batteries in chillers with low efficiency, we have very extensive experience in replacing batteries from a variety of market brands – Carrier, Train, Rhoss, RCgroup, McQuay, Daikin, Climaveneta, Clivet and more. We also incorporate structure control for the purpose of implementing and improving the overall efficiency of the site.

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Custom equipment

We have extensive experience in custom design of air conditioning and heating products, we implement in the design necessary changes in the geometry of the structure, the addition of features in the gas circuit, adjustment of control and solutions for installation. Products can be adapted in a relatively simple process to institutional or industrial customers as well as complex design to the needs of advanced and high-tech industry.

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Computerized control

For customers who provide maintenance services, we have trained control solutions for registration, tracking and alerts of information on equipment deployed throughout the country. We also offer design and delivery of electrical cabinets, command and control for projects and products, controllers can be replaced with existing chillers, machines or cabinets. The control is computerized with a touch screen and Internet control and advanced communication capabilities with a connection to control the structure and concentration of a number of points or sites through communication to a single central controller.

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Maintenance services

We offer to institutional customers, hotels, industry, etc. Routine maintenance services of heating and air conditioning equipment, different treatment packages can be adapted to a variety of machine room sizes, fracture treatments and preventive maintenance.

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